Tatum and Monument Island

For immediate release:

September 14 and September 21, 2002.
Join ECOMB volunteers for two important Community Cleanup events.

You’ve seen what ECOMB’s volunteer Beach Cleanups can accomplish in just one morning! Now ECOMB’s energetic volunteers will clean up North Beach’s Tatum Waterway, on September 14, and Monument Island, on September 21.

1) September 14 – Tatum Waterway Cleanup Event, North Beach, Miami Beach.

  • As part of the National Civic Participation Week (a week-long showcase of American democracy and civic participation), and in partnership with the City of Miami Beach.

DATE September 14th
TIME 8am – 12 noon
AGE 10 and up
LOCATION Meet us at the Biscayne Elementary School parking lot (at the corner of Dickens Avenue and 75th Street).
REGISTRATION At ECOMB’s web site: www.ecomb.org

2) September 21 – Flagler Memorial Island (Monument Island) and Island View Park, Miami Beach

  • As part of the International Coastal Cleanup Day and in partnership with the Ocean Conservancy and its Florida Chapters.

DATE September 21st
TIME 9am – 12 noon
AGE All ages welcomed
LOCATION Meet us at Island View Park, on Purdy Avenue, just north of the junction of the Venetian Causeway in Miami Beach.

REGISTRATION At ECOMB’s web site: www.ecomb.org

Journalists, please contact us for press interviews, by calling Luiz Rodrigues, Executive Director ECOMB, Inc., at 305.534.3825, and Ms. Nannette Rodriguez, Media Relations Officer, City of Miami Beach, at 305.673.7575. Press and TV coverage are welcome for both events.  To learn more about ECOMB, and to see photos from recent Beach Cleanup projects, go to our web site at www.ecomb.org.

Join  volunteers from high schools, local associations, churches, synagogues, and businesses, as they MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Refreshments will be served and students may use these cleanup events towards Community Service Hours.

ECOMB is a not-for-profit 501c(3) Florida corporation founded in 1994 to promote clean beaches, waterways and wetlands. Each year ECOMB coordinates events and programs that encourage responsible behavior and awareness in the Miami Beach vicinity.

More info and registration at: http://www.ecomb.org

August 9, 2002

Dear Mr. Calderon,

May we count on “Neighbors” to announce the following ECOMB community Cleanup events? Both in your Calendar, and with advance notice under the community news rubric? In addition, we would most appreciate your assigning a journalist and photographer to cover the September 14th Tatum Waterway cleanup in North Beach, and then the Monument Island Beach Cleanup, on September 21, which is International Coastal Cleanup Day. There should be good photo opportunities at both events.

Thank you,

Clotilde Luce,
Board member of ECOMB